Why Escorts Marry Their Clients

Dating a client when you are an escort is a taboo; this is because many complications arise. Some clients also take advantage to have a professional escort for free in the name of having a relationship. But over the years there has emerged very successful and touching marriage stories of escorts who married their clients. This taboo of no dating clients is fading away really fast as more and more escorts and clients continue to fall in love and eventually end up being married.

Essentially, clients look for escorts for sex, companionship and just to have someone you can have fun with. Some of these clients are very busy with their careers and have no time for dating. Due to lack of time, they end up contacting escort services to have fun once in a while and they may end up falling in love eventually. The process of love does not take place overnight and definitely goes through a lot of hurdles.

Another deal breaker that makes the escort-client marriage possible is the promise of financial security. Most escorts get to this line of work because the financial gain is lucrative and the time for work is flexible, unlike other normal work schedules. Once an escort finds a client who can provide for her every need, then there will be no complications in the retirement process of the escort.

There are other instances where an escort falls in love with the client but simply cannot leave the job because of financial needs. Some clients may be understanding and allow the escort to continue with the job while still in a relationship. But unfortunately, the relationship simply does not work out for many clients who don’t have enough money to take care of the escorts.

Who in their right minds would not want to be with an attractive woman whose goal is to make him feel better? Escorts have a vast experience in entertaining their clients, giving them undivided attention, boosting their morale, giving them quality time and many more hidden expertise in bed. The escorts also have a knack for knowing what the client requires before they are told. This vast experience makes them more attractive to their clients and so it should not come as a surprise to hear that an escort got married by a client.

There is a common saying in the escort business that if a client treats their wife like they treated their escorts then they would have the world’s strongest marriage. This saying truthfully reflects how a client treats their escorts. Almost all clients treat their escorts with respect and let us not forget the envelope full of money left discreetly on the night stand. This respect is a great contributing factor that makes the escorts fall in love with their clients.

The escort business is unique in every way and the escorts rarely get a chance to retire especially if they love what they do. But for some escorts, they just want to make some quick cash and get out of the business. Marriage to a wealthy guy who craves for an emotional connection is the simplest solution to this problem.

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